Backhoe Tire Size Guide

Bell Backhoe Loader Models Tires / Tire Size 

Bell 315SG

Bell 310SG

Bobcat Backhoe Loader Models

Bobcat B250

Bobcat B100

Bobcat B300

Case Backhoe Loader Models

Case 680CK

Case 480B

Case 480D

Case 580SL

Case 580K

Case 580SK

Case 590SL

Case 580L

Case 580SE

Case 580B

Case 580C

Case 580T

Case 680L

Case 580D

Case 680K

Case 480F

Case 480E

Case 480C

Case 680G

Case 780D

Case 780

Case 780B

Case 580SM

Case 580SN

Case 680H

Case 580 Super N

Case 580N

Case 680E

Case 590 Super N

Case 580 Super N WT

Case 570N EP

Case 580N EP

Case 580M Series III

Case 580 Super M Series III

Case 580 Super M+ Series III

Case 590 Super M Series III

Case 590 Super M+ Series III

Case 580 Super M

Case 695 4x4x4

Case 580 Super M+

Case 695 Super R

Case 580M Turbo

Case 590 Super M

Case 580M 

Caterpillar® (Cat) Backhoe Models

Caterpillar® (Cat) 416B

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 415F2

Caterpillar® (Cat) 426B

Caterpillar® (Cat) 450F

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420F2

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420F2 IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430E IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 416F2

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420E IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430F2 IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 446D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430F2

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420F

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420F IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430F

Caterpillar® (Cat) 415F2 IL

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420F

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420F IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430F IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 416F

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420EIT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 424D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420D IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 432D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430D IT

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 416D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 428D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 446B

Caterpillar® (Cat) 442D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 438D

Caterpillar® (Cat) 438C

Caterpillar® (Cat) 436C

Caterpillar® (Cat) 428 Series II

Caterpillar® (Cat) 446

Caterpillar® (Cat) 428C

Caterpillar® (Cat) 436 Series II

Caterpillar® (Cat) 426 Series II

Caterpillar® (Cat) 416 Series II

Caterpillar® (Cat) 416E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 420E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 450E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 430E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 426C

Caterpillar® (Cat) 416C

Caterpillar® (Cat) 438 Series II

Caterpillar® (Cat) 444E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 434E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 432E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 428E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 442E

Caterpillar® (Cat) 422E

Cukurova Backhoe Loader Models

Cukurova 883

Cukurova 888

Cukurova 880

Cukurova 885

Dingo Backhoe Loader Models

Dingo K9-3 Robin

Dingo K9-4 Kohler

Dingo K9-3 Kohler

Dingo K9-4 Yanmar

Dingo K9-4 Perkins

Dingo K9-3 Perkins

Hydromek Backhoe Loader Models

Hydromek 102B Maestro

Ingersoll Rand Backhoe Loader Models

Ingersoll Rand BL275

Ingersoll Rand BL370

Ingersoll Rand BL570

International Backhoe Loader Models

International 260A

Ingernational 3820

JCB Backhoe Loader Models








JCB 4CX Sitemaster

JCB 4CX Super

JCB 4CX Super Sitemaster



JCB ICX Military


JCB 2CX Airmaster


JCB 3CX Super


JCB 2CX Streetmaster

JCB 3CX Super Sitemaster

JCB 3CX Sitemaster

JCB 3CX Contractor




JCB 3CX 17FT (217)

JCB ICX 8FT (208S)

JCB 3CX 15FT (215)


JCB 4CX 17FT (217S)

JCB 4CX 15FT (215S)





JCB 4CX 14FT (214S)


John Deere Backhoe Loader Models

John Deere 310K EP

John Deere 310C 1

John Deere 710K

John Deere 400

John Deere 310A

John Deere 315SG

John Deere 310B

John Deere 410K

John Deere 310K

John Deere 302A

John Deere 310SK

John Deere 310L

John Deere 310L EP

John Deere 310SL

John Deere 210L

John Deere 210L EP

John Deere 310SL HL

John Deere 315SL

John Deere 410L

John Deere 410J TMC

John Deere 310

John Deere 710B

John Deere 710L

John Deere 610C

John Deere 310E

John Deere 300D

John Deere 300B

John Deere 210C

John Deere 710D

John Deere 310D

John Deere 315SE

John Deere 315D

John Deere 315C

John Deere 710G

John Deere 310SG

John Deere 310G

John Deere 410G

John Deere 310SE

John Deere 410D

John Deere 410C

John Deere 410B

John Deere 410

John Deere 510

John Deere 500C

John Deere 415B

John Deere 510B

John Deere 410E

John Deere 710C

John Deere 610B

John Deere 510C

John Deere 110 TLB

John Deere 410J

John Deere 401C

John Deere 710J

John Deere 315SJ

John Deere 310SJ

John Deere 110TD

John Deere 310J

Komatsu Backhoe Loader Models

Komatsu WB150-2N

Komatsu WB150AWS-2N BFg-3

Komatsu WB146-5

Komatsu WB140-2N

Komatsu WB142-5

Komatsu WB156-5

Komatsu WB98A-2

Komatsu WB70A-1

Komatsu WB97S-2

Komatsu WB146PS-5

Komatsu WB97R-2

Komatsu WB93R-2

Komatsu WA30-1

Komatsu WB93R-5

Komatsu WB91R-2

Komatsu WB156PS-5

Kubota Backhoe Loader Models

Kubota L45

Kubota L35

Kubota BX25D

Kubota R520S

Kubota L47

Kubota M62

Kubota BX23S

Kubota R420S

Kubota M59

Kubota B26

Kubota L48

Kubota B21

Kubota L39

MST Backhoe Loader Models

MST M544

Manitou Backhoe Loader Models

Manitou MLB625T

Massey Ferguson Backhoe Loader Models

Massey Ferguson 50HX

Massey Ferguson 50C

Massey Ferguson 60TL

Massey Ferguson 50E

Massey Ferguson 50F

Massey Ferguson 60H

Mecalac Backhoe Loader Models

Mecalac TLB890

Mecalac TLB850

Mecalac TLB990

Mecalac TLB840R

Mecalac TLB870

New Holland Backhoe Loader Models

New Holland 575E

New Holland B115B

New Holland 555E

New Holland 675E

New Holland 655E

New Holland 555D

New Holland B90B

New Holland LB85

New Holland B95BTC

New Holland B95C

New Holland B95C LR

New Holland B95C TC

New Holland LB115.B

New Holland B115

New Holland B110C

New Holland LB110

New Holland LB90

New Holland LB75.B

New Holland B110

New Holland LB95.B

New Holland B95

New Holland B95LR

New Holland LB90.B

New Holland B95TC

New Holland LB110.B

Tata Hitachi Backhoe Loader Models


Terex Backhoe Loader Models

Terex TLB840

Terex TX750

Terex TLB840R

Terex 880SX

Terex 860SX

Terex 860 Elite

Terex 980 Elite

Terex 880 Elite

Terex 820

Terex TX970B

Terex TX870B

Terex TX760B

Terex 970 Elite

Terex TX860B

Venieri Backhoe Loader Models

Venieri VF10.23

Venieri VF7.23B

Venieri VF6033

Venieri VF9.23

Venieri VF5.23D

Venieri VF1.33

Volvo Backhoe Loader Models

Volvo BL60

Volvo BL60B

Volvo BL70B

Volvo BL71

Volvo 616

Volvo BL70

Volvo BM Backhoe Models

Volvo BM 616B

Volvo BM EL70

Volvo BM EL70C

Volvo BM 6300

Volvo BM 646

Yanmar Backhoe Models

Yanmar CBL40

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Mammoth Tracks and Tires has your Backhoe Loader – Heavy Equipment tires for sale and ready to go!

See our Backhoe Tire Size Guide, Industrial backhoe tires, Solid Backhoe Loader Tires, Solid front backhoe loader wheels, Pneumatic Backhoe Loader tires!

We specialize in getting tough tires to you when you need them to minimize the downtime of your backhoe loader industrial equipment. We understand, you only make money when your backhoe loader is up and running, so we strive to get your backhoe tires order to you ASAP! Please call us and one of our Mammoth tire experts will help you find the best value on a great set of Backhoe R4 or industrial tires. We specialize in pneumatic and solid backhoe loader equipment tires in a variety of tread designs and ply ratings. Backhoe Tire Size Guide for popular OE brands like Caterpillar and Deere. We carry the best Industrial tires available! We do price matching on equivalent products and we offer Free Shipping on most orders (restrictions apply). 

Please feel free to reach out to us at 307-381-1383 regarding your solid and pneumatic tire questions or for a quote!


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Case Backhoe Tires

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Cukurova Backhoe Tires

Dingo Backhoe Tires

Hidromek Backhoe Tires

Mecalac Backhoe Tires

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Ingersoll Rand Backhoe Tires

JCB Backhoe Tires

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Komatsu Backhoe Tires

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Massey Ferguson Backhoe Tires

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Tata Backhoe Tires

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