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Replacement Rubber Harvester / Combine Tracks for Sale

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Rubber Replacement Harvester / Combine Tracks for Sale

McLaren-Rubber-Replacement-Harvester-Tracks-Mammoth, McLaren-Rubber-Replacement-Harvester-Tracks-Mammoth for Sale

Harvesters / Combines play a big role in harvesting and farming operations throughout the industry and having a great set of harvester / combine tracks to reduce the downtime of the machine while offering a stabile and smooth ride is pertinent. We carry McLaren rubber replacement harvester tracks. McLaren FieldMaster™ Multi-Season Series rubber replacement harvester, combine tracks are built with new forgings, which are 50% more wear-resistant for longer track-life. They can be fixed by welding using hard surfacing welding wire if a repair or rebuilding is necessary. The tracks are designed to have a high tensile strength to prevent stretching leaving a product able to wear better and last longer. McLaren’s proprietary SpoolRite Belting™ jointless belt system now offers more cables in the belt, which increases overall tensile strength by 30% to give you a stronger set of harvester / combine tracks.

McLaren Rubber Replacement Harvester Tracks Cutout, McLaren Rubber Replacement Harvester Tracks Cutout for SaleMcLaren designs their harvester / combine tracks to meet the demands of the hardest working farmer needing the best set of tracks to reduce the downtime of their harvester.

For reduced soil compaction, McLaren harvester / combine tracks use an Extra Wide Forgings (EWF™) System, which spreads weight and gives wider steel belting to further increase the overall combine track strength. The Extra Wide Forgings (EWF™) System offers improves stability, this system makes traveling through fields much smoother and more comfortable for the operator to help them finish their day earlier because of the improved productivity.

McLaren’s FieldMaster™ Multi-Season Series uses a proprietary cut / wear resistant rubber compound on both the tread and rolling areas for your harvester, combine tracks, this ensures high durability and productivity for many seasons.

McLaren’s High-Performance Rolling Area Track (HRAT™) compound is the crucial factor that ensures high track performance at maximum capacity while working in the fields. In addition, the tear and cut resistant 5-RT Compound, which is specially designed for harvesters / combines, features greater UV protection and prevents cracking to make your tracks last longer than the competition.

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