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Solid Rubber Wheel Loader Tires / Wheels for Sale

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Reasons for Choosing Solid Wheel Loader Tires

McLaren Solid Wheel Loader Tires, McLaren Solid Wheel Loader Tires for Sale

Wheel Loaders are a major player in earth-moving, construction, scrapyards, demolition sites, quarries, mining and solid wheel loader tires eliminate the downtime of flat tire repairs while maintaining a safe / stable ride under load. Solid Wheel Loader Tires eliminate flat tires while providing a cushioned ride, because of the multiple layers of aperture holes (cushion holes). Choosing a great set of solid rubber wheel loader tires is a great investment and it will make your loader more adaptable to multiple tasks eliminating the needs for multiple pieces of equipment. Solid Wheel Loader tires last an average of 4-7 times longer than pneumatic wheel loader tires while providing a puncture proof tire, which will increase your profitability by reducing downtime to repair flats. Solid Rubber Wheel loader tires provide you with the peace of mind to know you will have a maintenance-free set of solid tires that weigh a lot and it lowers your center of gravity to provide more stability under load while giving you a nice cushioned ride. Solid cushion wheel loader tires are the only way to go if you are driving on rough terrain and you want to get the most out of your wheel loader!

We sell McLaren’s Solid Wheel Loader Tire Products

Wheel Loader Solid Pneumatic Tires, Wheel Loader Solid Pneumatic Tires for Sale

Wheel loader sizes range from compact units all the way up to large earth-moving machines capable of some heavy-duty loading. McLaren offers 4 different styles of replacement solid rubber loader tires to fit a multitude of machines from major OE manufacturers like Case, CAT Caterpillar®, Doosan, Hitachi, Hyundai, JCB, John Deere, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Kubota, Michigan, New Holland, Terex, Volvo and Yanmar wheel loaders.

McLaren Wheel Loader Nu-Air DT Dirt Terrain, McLaren Wheel Loader Nu-Air DT Dirt Terrain for Sale

McLaren Nu-Air Dirt Terrain (DT): The Nu-Air DT is McLaren’s most versatile solid wheel loader tire. All McLaren Nu-Air tires feature McLaren’s proprietary Semi-Pneumatic Technology™ for a comfortable / stable ride, three-layers balance comfort with puncture-resistant technology, which reduces the downtime of your machine. Best applications of McLaren’s DT tire: construction sites, mining sites, scrapyards, demolition sites and quarries. Available Sizes: 17.5×25 (53X17.5-25), 23.5×25 (63X23.5-25), 26.5×25 (68X26.5-25) and 18.00-20 (42X18-20)

McLaren Wheel Loader Nu-Air AT Solid Tires, McLaren Wheel Loader Nu-Air AT Solid Tires for Sale

McLaren Nu-Air All Terrain (AT): The McLaren AT tire uses the core features of the Dirt Terrain (DT) and adds a wider footprint for increased ground. It also offers a self cleaning treat pattern that performs better in wet conditions. Best applications of McLaren’s AT tire: on-road surfaces like cement, asphalt, concrete, scrapyards, demolition sites and they offer great traction off-road when needed. Available Sizes: 17.5×25 (53X17.5-25), 20.5×25 (58X20.5-25), 23.5×25 (63X23.5-25), 26.5×25 (68X26.5-25), 29.5×25 (74X29.5-25), 35/65-33 (80X33.5-33)

McLaren Wheel Loader Nu-Air RT Rocky Terrain Tires, McLaren Wheel Loader Nu-Air RT Rocky Terrain Tires for Sale

McLaren Nu-Air Rocky Terrain (RT): The McLaren Rocky Terrain (RT) is McLaren’s answer to a tire designed for extreme rocky conditions. Best applications of McLaren’s RT tire: construction sites, mining sites, scrapyards, demolition sites, quarries and any other harsh rocky environment where you need to best protection. Available Sizes: 18.00-25 (64X18-25) sizing only.

McLaren Wheel Loader Super Slick SS Tires / Wheels, McLaren Wheel Loader Super Slick SS Tires / Wheels for Sale

McLaren Nu-Air Super Slick (SS): The McLaren SS is a the best economical choice when working primarily on flat surfaces like cement, asphalt or concrete. Sometimes, no tread is the best tread for flat on-road environments. A smooth tire has no tread to wear out and they will last longer than dirt terrain wheel loader tires when used on flat cement, asphalt and concrete. Best applications of McLaren’s SS tire: on-road flat environments like concrete, cement, or asphalt.  Available Sizes: 17.5×25 (53X17.5-25), 18.00-25 (64X18-25), 20.5×25 (58X20.5-25), 23.5×25 (63X23.5-25) and 26.5×25 (68X26.5-25) sizes

McLaren’s Proprietary Semi-Pneumatic Technology™: puncture resistant solid cushioned tires for your wheel loader.
McLaren’s Nu-Air tires utilizer McLaren’s proprietary Semi-Pneumatic technology to ensure a soft-comfortable ride while providing safe handling of loads. The technology combines the dependability of solid rubber tires with the comfort of pneumatic tires by using multiple rows of aperture holes (cushion holes). McLaren uses three layers of their proprietary rubber compound and multiple shock-absorbing aperture holes, McLaren’s Nu-Air tires outlast the competition while providing a soft stable ride under extreme load.

Solid Wheel Loader Tires for Sale, Pneumatic Wheel Loader Tires for Sale, Best Solid Wheel Loader Tires for Sale, Solid Tires for Wheel Loaders for Sale

Mammoth Tracks and Tires has your toughest Wheel Loader tires by size / make / model ready to go!
We specialize in getting tough Solid Loader tires by sizes / make / model you when you need them to minimize the downtime of your wheel loader. We understand, you only make money when your machine is up and running, so we strive to get your Solid Loader tires in all sizes to you ASAP! Please let us know your solid loader tire needs and we will help you find the right size of solid loader tires in some tough compounds. We get the best tread designs for your type of terrain and size of loader tire in solid tires. Please call us and one of our solie loader tire experts will help you find the best value on a great set of loader tires for brands like Hitachi and Deere. We specialize in solid loader tires in a variety of tread designs to help you minimize the downtime of your machine while increasing your profit. We carry the toughest solid loader tires available! We do price matching on equivalent products with a written quote / estimate and we offer Free Shipping on all orders over $1,999 *restrictions apply*.

Please contact us for a free quote or with any questions at 307-381-1383!

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